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30Jun Saturday 30th June


Traffic Light Wrist Glow Bands

Swingers,Fetish,Couples,single Ladies,Tv,ts,Cd and single Men


14July Saturday 14th July


Swingers,Fetish,Couples, single Ladies,Tv,ts,Cd and single Men


20July Friday 20th July



Swingers,Fetish,Couples,single Ladies,Tv,ts,Cd and single Men
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March 2017

Enjoyed our first night at this place and whilst it was a quiet night we still had fun!. Plenty of people to watch, chat to and put on a small show for horny we had to stop in the layby on the way home. Definitely will be back and hope to be more interactive with other couples. Anyone who met us on Saturday do say hello!

February 2017

What a night! It was a very busy night at SLS, myself and my husband enjoyed it immensely! Lots of couples so much so there was not enough room on the beds they had couples everywhere on the floor, on chairs and sofas! Very sexy people too we had lots of fun. Very good atmosphere. Anyone we may have met last night or at least seen feel free to get in touch!

January 2017

I've been a regular at southlondonswingers parties for on and off several years and have always enjoyed the parties. I've been away from swinging scene for a year (been a swinger on and off since 1978 age 24) and Sat 10th party was my return to swinging again, and it was like I had never been away. Frank & staff were as great as always, and I even had fun with 2 gorgeous female brazillian friends I had not seen in 2 years. I also had fun with a couple of lovely ladies I had never seen before, so all in all I thoughly enjoyed myself

February 2017, by Chris & Diana

I did like the couples only room and the selected singles room, the single guys were great all asked kept control of there hands.We loved the dark room with the round bed.

February 2016, by Alex from

Been a few times now, can't stop going back for more, Visited Saturday for a event, It was a full house, good atmosphere with bubbly / friendly people. Relaxing venue would recommend to couples and singles, left with a smile, thanx south london Swingers for another smashing night.

February 2016, Anna & George From Westerham

Went to SLS for the first time and both left with huge smiles on our faces. The venue is great, with a good variety of rooms. And there were plenty of couples and generally well behaved singles. At £15 before 10.30 it was great value. We would have paid 3 or 4 times that without blinking. Other parties at same venue Cost you a lot more. The crowd was mixed in terms of age and body shape - certainly something for everyone. We spent 2 amazing hours in the couples room with a super-hot couple we met there and came home sated. We will go again.

January 2016, by Mark & Vicky

Always have a good time at SLS..... Besides feeling welcome the house has many rooms, 'different vibes'. Take you pick you will feel comfortable in one of them, I have played in most of the rooms and I have no negative feedback.

December 2015, by Charles p

A very welcoming and friendly couple and are great hosts. Given it was my first event, it was crowded. Quite a mixed group and everyone was friendly. The house Large with lots of play rooms.Very good value for a single guy compare to other swingers clubs.

December 2015, by Anonymus

Wow what a fantastic first night. We had there last night great atmosphere and very friendly people, Lots of couples, girls and Guys. We have been to other parties that charge for every thing, drinks, food, condoms etc. SLS is very good only £10 per couple before 10.30pm. You even get your drinks served for you at the bar by a friendly guy. You are given a tour and the host talk to the fist time couples during the evening to see if you are ok. Had lots of fun in all the rooms. We strongly recommend.

December 2015, by Lady Jane from Brighton

Thank you for allowing me to attend , I was not sure how it would go down as I am a Ts, The people were nice to me and lots of guys and girls liked me. I did have some fun in the dark room. I will be back and try out friday nights too.

November 2015, by Paul

I have been to other parties at same House but your is the best value, Free soft drinks,Hot food and condoms.Shame you only host the traffic light party at end of the month, I see you also do them once a month on a Friday too. I will try a friday night.

November 2015, by Roberto from Penge

I was a single man, found a few couples that were ok with single guys Good value for 60£, free softdrinks, food & a raffle. Thank you, will certainly cum again.

October 2015, by Tina & Ron from Croydon

Love the couples only room and the selected singles room, the single guys were great all asked kept control of there hands.We loved the dark room with the round bed.

October 2015, by Amber& Phill from Worthing

We came to SLS on saturday night Couples & Singles. Great, Free softdrinks & Hot food. Other clubs charge for this. Wow Its a frendly place, Lots of people. We will cum again when down South again.

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